Top Construction Apps for 2017

Everywhere you look, contractors are spending more time implementing technology into their day-to-day operations. Though still resistant to major technological overhauls, the construction industry is taking advantage of quick, easy, and productive opportunities to streamline certain tasks and systems with free and low-cost apps. From project collaboration to where-the-heck-can-I-find-a-hammer-around-here solutions, developers are hot on the task of making apps to make builders’ lives easier. Check these out.

App Name: Construction Master 5
Developer: Calculated Industries
Platform: Android / iPhone
Cost: $26.85
Category: Calculator
The Construction Master 5 calculator for your smartphone is built with the same features and functions, and the same core engine that powers the industry-standard advanced construction-math calculators from Calculated Industries.

App Name: AWC Span Calc
Developer: American Wood Council
Platform: Android / iPhone
Cost: Free
Category: Calculator
Performs calculations for all species and grades of commercially available softwood and hardwood timber and calculates maximum horizontal spans for joists and rafters based on specific specifications and conditions.

App Name: GPS Area Calculator
Developer: KBK Infosoft
Platform: Android / iPhon
Cost: Free
Category: Calculator
Easy, intuitive, few-step app manages area, distance, perimeter, and fast area/distance marking. Offers Smart Marker Mode for super accurate pin placement, measures saving and editing, measures grouping and naming, undo for all measuring actions, and GPS tracking to walk/drive around boundary/directory to auto measure.

App Name: ShareMyToolbox
Developer: Viewpoint Construction Software
Platform: iPhone
Cost: Free
Category: Inventory
Enable every employee to search for tools from their own phone with a modern tool inventory app. Never waste time calling or driving around frantically looking for a tool. Building a catalog of tools and equipment helps protect the significant investment contractors make in tools. Provide every employee with a list of the tools they are responsible for and they will lose fewer tools with our tool inventory app.

App Name: CCS Safety
Developer: Capital Construction Solutions
Platform: Android / iPhone
Cost: $94 / month subscription
Category: Safety management
The Capital Construction Solutions safety mobile application (CCS Safety) is used by contractors, owners, construction managers, program managers, facility managers, owners, and government agencies to review a list of best practice safety questions (10000+) depending on the work category (175 categories) being performed. Users can review Toolbox talks and risk assessments and create custom forms, reports, and site observation tools.

App Name: Construct
Developer: Construct LATAM
Platform: Android / iPhone
Cost: Free
Category: Communication
Construct is a collaborative app that allows contractor’s to document and track what’s occurring on the job-site in real-time. Construct is used to connect engineers, architects and project managers.

App Name: Bridge Construction Simulator
Developer: BoomBit Games
Platform: Android / iPhone
Cost: Free
Category: Game
Put your engineering skills, intuition, and smarts to the test as a constructor who is required to improvise and – most of all – adapt to the task at hand. Use your resources to construct structures able to hold the weight of a car. Try to become a good builder as fast as you can—things will get hard. You won’t be racing against the time, so be a careful and thoughtful constructor.

App Name: Pythagorea
Developer: Horis International Ltd.
Platform: Android
Cost: Free
Category: Game / puzzle
Pythagorea is a collection of geometric puzzles of different kind that can be solved without complex constructions or calculations. All objects are drawn on a grid whose cells are squares. A lot of levels can be solved using just your geometric intuition or by finding natural laws, regularity, and symmetry.