Superior Sprayed Systems Limited High Quality Custom Spray Systems Deliver Efficiency Gains

Superior Sprayed Systems (SSS Technologies) has built a reputation for excellence in customer service through sales and support of its best-in-class plastering machines, mortar pumps, and screed pumps. In real world operations, the line produces remarkable gains in efficiency for builders. The S48 Easy machine, for example, is capable of spraying 1,200 square feet in one hour. Using the S48 Easy, productivity can increase by up to four times compared to conventional stucco working procedures.

The German-made Uelzener line of products came into being 134 years ago when the company was founded as a machine factory. The company’s line of spray machines has been in the market since 1953, and arrived in Canada and the USA in 2011 through a distributorship partnership with Superior Sprayed Systems.

Superior takes great pride in its products—from concrete placing equipment, mixers, and pumps to conveyor systems, to name a few. The company embraces innovation and is always looking for new ways to provide solutions and applications for new markets.

Superior supports customers with 24/7 online help and guaranteed 24-hour parts delivery service. The company is also committed to successfully delivering solutions for every customer need. From customizing concrete placing equipment to importing high grade mixers, Superior makes every effort to deliver the perfect equipment.

Andre Eilers, general manager at Superior, emphasizes the company’s focus on value as well as custom solutions. “We’ve been in the industry for many years, so we have the knowledge, experience, and ability to customize construction equipment. We can customize mixing pumps, conveying pumps, paddle mixers, trailer pumps, and pneumatic conveying systems the way it suits any customer’s specific needs,” he says.

“We are all about providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in Canada and in the USA. Thus, we aim to provide the highest quality construction machine to companies and clients who only want the best.”

All of Superior’s products are manufactured in Germany then adapted to Canadian or US local standards. All are built to the highest quality in terms of design and manufacturing process. When customers purchase machines from SSS Technology, Eilers notes, they can be sure that they can rely on those machines when they need them.

“If you are looking for customized mixing pumps, conveying pumps, paddle mixers, trailer pumps, and pneumatic conveying systems or any other construction technologies and fireproofing support, we’ve got you covered,” says Eilers.