The next Great Technology Transformation for the Construction Industry

As blogged on, imagine you want to buy a new car. You find the make and model you want, select your interior and finish details, and place the order. The car company starts building the car to meet your specifications, and promises to deliver it in a few weeks.

But a few weeks turn into a few months and the car never arrives. It’s nearly impossible to get an answer as to why. When you ask you are referred to the person in charge of the chassis, who blames the engine guy, who in turn says the steel wasn’t delivered on time. You’re left trying to chase down multiple people over phone or email.

Finally, after nearly a year, you get your car. But it arrives with a bill for 30 percent higher than the original quoted price.

No one would buy a car this way. More to the point, no car maker or dealership would expect you to. But, somehow, we’ve come to accept this frustrating process as normal when it comes to construction. read more >>