Wilson’s Walk

Architect: Low Hammond Rowe Architects
EIFS System Manufacturer: Dryvit Systems Canada
EIFS Contractor: H&R Exteriors

The Wilson’s Walk project fits into a modern and dynamic residential neighbourhood. The challenge was to create a metal panel appearance using Dryvit’s Reflectit custom finish and still provide the high performance of EIFS. The goal of this project was to construction a building where the units would be available to young urban single, couples, and families all of whom are in need of affordable rental housing options.

The project incorporates 108 units of affordable ‘near-market’ rental housing oriented for singles, couples, and families in a nine-storey building located in Victoria’s Vic West community. The unit mix is predominantly small 390-square-foot studio apartments, with larger one- and three-bedroom units up to 1250 square feet. The building provides two walk-up suites facing the Wilson Street, buffered with landscaped terraces and gated stairs.

The facades are articulated with undulating glazed balconies and coloured accent panels and are designed to energy efficient standards. The facade design is intended to provide an expressive and attractive image of colour and texture within an otherwise conventional and repetitive floor plate, ensuring that this new building fits within its context of market and non-market residential buildings of various scales.

Construction is concrete frame with steel stud infill, clad in the Dryvit Reflectit system. The use of the Dryvit panels allowed for a bold, defined, panelized appearance while providing solid thermal performance.

The importance of this project is that a co-operative spirit was required to combine the efforts of architecture, engineering, construction, installation, and specialty finishes into a thermally efficient and durable building.